Xbox One X

Xbox One S Repair

Xbox One X Hdmi Connector Repair €84.95

Xbox One X Laser Repair €69.95
Does the Xbox One play any more games, or do the Games crash? Then probably the laser defect.

Xbox One X hard drive repair from €39.95
Bad working hdd, faulty HDD or do you want to upgrade the Xbox one hard drive?

Xbox One X black screen, no picture, green picture From €39.95
However, this complaint may have several causes.

Xbox One X Controller Repair from €15.95
One of the buttons defective or worn, new casing for the controller or do not want to charge the controller?

Xbox One X Software repair starting from €29.95
Does the Xbox one give an Error code during the update? Or do you have any other software malfunction

Xbox One X Blu-Ray Drive replacement €89.95
Drive the Xbox One defect? We can often repair the drive yourself, but in some cases it has to be replaced completely.

Fan replace Xbox One S €45.99
Symptoms: Console gets overheated, fan makes too much noise.

Also for an Xbox One repair go to We specialize in game consoles. Because of our extensive experience we are almost always able to carry out the repairs and to deliver them back to you.
If the damage is irreparable, we will let you know. You can bring the Xbox One for repair by appointment with us, but we also offer you the possibility to send the Xbox One for repair to us when you continue to live away.

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