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PSP Price List

Models: Phat, Slim, Lite, street
Version PSP 1000/2000/3000
PSP-on/off switch replacement: €25.00
PSP-UMD valve switch Replacement: €25.00
PSP Wifi Switch Replacement: €25.00
PSP-3d Analog joystick replacement: €25.00
PSP-on/Off switch PCB replacement: €25.00
PSP-UMD Drive replacement: €25.00
PSP-L Key FLEXPCB replacement: €25.00
PSP-R key FLEXPCB replace €25.00
PSP Volume & Home FLEXPCB Replacement: €25.00
PSP Speakers Replacement: €25.00
PSP Power Socket Replacement: €25.00
PSP-UMD Drive valve replacement: €25.00
PSP-WiFi Antenna replacement: €25.00
PSP Strip & Replace buttons: €25.00
PSP Mounting Housing Replacement: €25.00
PSP-LCD screen replacement from: €25.00

PSP GO Repairs-ask for possibilities
PSP Vita Repairs-ask for possibilities
If your PSP is defective, I can repair it again for you, regardless of the defect!!

All prices include assembly/labor. Many repairs are ready while you wait, ask for the times!
These are the most common repairs. For other repairs it may be necessary that I first research the PSP. After I have determined what the problem is and what the cost of the repair will be, I always take contact first.

We work on no cure, no pay basis. That is to say, if the repair is not possible, you do not succeed or you find it too expensive then I do not calculate any research or other costs. You are possibly. However, if you cannot bring/retrieve the PSP.
All these prices include VAT, labor, the necessary parts and materials.