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Do you want to generate more sales more visitors to your shop or webshop?
search for extensions for you company? would you outsource certain repair?
The below we can guarantee you, why collaborate with Reparatiespelomputers
We have fixed a starting point of 95% at one time, less than 5% repeat returns;
* No repair, no cost;
* Large stock with parts components
* Repair on the same day/ready-while-you-wait (if possible)
* Repair status and comprehensive repair report.
* Invoice with VAT *
* Repair on account *
* Free pickup and transfer service in the region *;
* All repairs with own logo guarantee seals
* Only original/OEM parts
* Razor-sharp prices
* Repairs for all brands beyond warranty;
* Environmentally friendly and discreet drainage of irreparable damaged appliances;
* 6 to 12 months warranty on all repairs performed.
* Utmost discretion
Quality is paramount, you Pc, Laptop, Game console will always
Be treated with great care so that nothing can go wrong during the repair.
In addition, the latest, most up-to-date, techniques and software will always be used in the repair.
For personal advice, you can always contact us! We are waiting for you and always kindly speak

Strong Characteristics

Questions or suggestions?

Do you have any suggestions as to how we can serve you better?

Screen piece?

Screen defect? We can replace your faulty screen.


Personal contact, fast service


Many types of modifications for you game console.

No cure no Pay

‘ No solution no payment ‘

We do more

We always try to make the difference we always help you.

Everything to repair?

All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed


All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed

We do more..

For each repair, shows you what work and what costs you can expect from us

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Donec Tellus Mass, tristique sit amet condimentum vel, facilisis quis sapien.

Why Choose for US

Repair Spelcomputers has ample experience and unique expertise and knowledge of the most diverse brands and models laptops, Tablet, Pc, Ipad, Samsung Tab. PS4, Ps3, Xbox360, Xboxone, New 3ds, 3DS (XL), WiiU, Wii
Our own technical service is therefore able to quickly and accurately identify the defect of uwLaptop, Pc, Tablet, Ipad, Samsung Tab and to repair. Partly due to our experience and fast trading, computer shops send their customers with problems to our
Smartphone, tablet and computer repair now let your laptop, smartphone or tablet repair at the trusted specialist! Does your screen go black, does a key no longer work or is the harddisk jammed? Then that is absolutely no reason to completely write down your device. Thanks to the fast, affordable and reliable repair service of, you can get back years ahead

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