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PC problems are very annoying. But they don’t have to last long. is located in Zutphen is nearby to help you solve your PC problem, home or office directly.
Everyone has a PC problem that you can not solve yourself. Often you ask a helpful knowledge that solves the PC problem for you. will often only be asked when the need is highest and you do not have any other resources.
We notice that the threshold to turn on actual PC home help is quite high. In addition to the cost aspect, fear of incomprehensible jargon between you and the PC specialist plays a major role.
We as does more than just solve problems
The main reasons for enabling PC help to home are the lack of knowledge to solve themselves PC problems and the lack of time to deepen therein.
We notice that more and more people are being called on a specialist because they want to maximize the possibilities of the PC.
We will also in the meantime also have many tailored advice and explanations in intelligible language. This aspect is often underestimated by PC users while it is actually the biggest added value of PC help to home.
We at can certainly help you further. If you have problems with your PC, you can’t email it, you don’t get peripherals working, you have problems with your Internet connection,
If your PC has a virus, you can’t sync it with your smartphone or anything like that, Wiij can definitely help you out. We are not only helping you to solve your PC problem, but we also teach you to solve your PC problem in the future.
What can we all do for you?
-We solve all computer problems.
-We repair failures and optimize your PC performance with Soft and Hardware.
-We guide you and give you an effective computer information and training (here you can think of tips).
Below you can find Enkle basic services:
Repairing PCs and Notebooks:
Solve all common failures to your PC/notebooks.
We can solve almost all problems such as:
-Replacing the keyboard, Blu-ray ect
-Replacing screen and whether inverter or Jack/power plug
-replacing or extending the working memory
-Replacing the hard disk. Of course, the installation of the software also belongs to
Troubleshooting viruses or adware:
Nowadays many viruses are sent over the Internet. These can infect your computer in such a way that it becomes slow or even no longer usable. can solve these problems for you, so that your computer works smoothly and like Vanaouds.
Installing software:
If you have purchased new software and are unable to install the software, we can install the software for you.
We hereby consider all types of software to also install the software for various peripheral devices (e.g. printers, webcams, Bluetooth connections and PDAs).
Installing Internet connections:
We can connect for you div connections effortlessly wired and wireless internet connections for you. The internet will also be configured on your computer, so you can get started right away.
Internet connections on multiple computers with a router is of course also possible.
Cleaning and speeding up your PC:
After having used your computer for several years, it contaminates the computer by creating various files. These files are useless and may slow down your computer.
We can locate these files and remove them for you. After the computer is cleaned up, the computer will be a lot faster. This work takes about 1 hour and your computer will run faster. Upgrading your computer:
If you find that your computer needs new components so that the computer is up to date faster and again, we can advise you which parts you need.
We can also build the new parts for you. Upgrading by refreshing the following components:
-Adding more internal working memory
-Installing a larger hard disk
-Installing a DVD burner/Blu-ray/cd
-Replacing your processor and motherboard/cooling
If you want to buy a new PC but you do not know which PC is suitable for your wishes, we would like to advise you. likes to help people small businesses who have problems with his/her computer, server or laptop!
We would like to solve your problems, however big they are, at a very favourable rate, to be of service to you because we know how annoying it may be sometimes.
You have the choice to let me come to you (by appointment) or call us and we will pick it up as soon as possible.
The next day you can pick it up again. Or we bring it to your home and shut it down neatly again, of course with Invoice
You can think of the following things/issue’s/problems:
-Reinstallation Windows/update problems
-Compose new computer (separate parts);
-Advise you for another laptop
-Computer Networking (routers/switches)
-Remove viruses/spyware/adware
-Recover lost Password PC or Excel/Word documents; Data-Recovery-Hardware & software install;
-Installation Internet;
-Remote/remote services (via Internet);
-Perform repairs (disk problems/recovery
-Keyboard and LCD replacing laptops
-Securing Wireless network
-Service and maintenance (cleaning/cleanup).
If you know a little about the problem, then I can immediately give you a certain direction in terms of solver time and price, but you will never be surprised.
All week, mail will be answered quickly and can only call me after 16.00, I am very frightened 7 days a week. The weekend is not a problem for me. You can email the whole day which I will answer within 30 min!!!!
If I do not answer my phone please email or a Whatsapp message, I will reply as soon as possible
House visit: Get and bring service
In Zutphen/The €7.50
Rest of the municipality Zutphen €15.00
Surrounding municipalities €20.00
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Working method: Always in consultation, no-cure/No-pay, written warranty
Computer repair, computer help, Hardware, Software, repair
Security and virus prevention, computer repair and maintenance.
Warranty, possibly coming home (new), no cure no pay
Quality is paramount, you tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone will always
Be treated with great care so that nothing can go wrong during the repair.
In addition, the latest, most up-to-date, techniques and software will always be used in the repair.
For personal advice, you can always contact us! We are waiting for you and always kindly speak

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All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed

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Donec Tellus Mass, tristique sit amet condimentum vel, facilisis quis sapien.

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Our own technical service is therefore able to quickly and accurately identify the defect of uwLaptop, Pc, Tablet, Ipad, Samsung Tab and to repair. Partly due to our experience and fast trading, computer shops send their customers with problems to our
Smartphone, tablet and computer repair now let your laptop, smartphone or tablet repair at the trusted specialist! Does your screen go black, does a key no longer work or is the harddisk jammed? Then that is absolutely no reason to completely write down your device. Thanks to the fast, affordable and reliable repair service of, you can get back years ahead