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Laptop broken? Have your laptop repaired at
Repair Spelcomputers offers you a complete laptop repair (s) service that offers competitive rates for any brand of laptop repairs.
Laptop repairs your laptop broken? Does it not Start anymore, is it hot or slow? Laptops are vulnerable devices that can easily cause defects.
Some problems are caused by the software, other problems arise from faulty components, or hardware.
Whatever the cause, the computer specialist of repair spelcomputers have (nearly) always a solution.
We usually repair all types and brands of laptops every day, so also your laptop repair is more than welcome to us.
You can bring it, send it. In the Zutphen and surroundings we can come to you (by appointment).
Do you have a fixed PC or a Mac? We also have a solution for this.
A complete diagnosis, completely without obligation!!!!
If your laptop is piece there are often different causes imaginable. Each of these causes brings another repair – and therefore another cost item – with it. Therefore, a good diagnosis is essential.
The diagnosis is offered to you in the workshop of repair spelcomputers completely without obligation. We look at the hardware and software for you and let you know the possibilities for repair.
This way, you get insight in the possibilities, costs and turnaround times in advance. You can also make sure that the repair is carried out in a thorough and non-return. A safe feeling!
Have your laptop repaired directly by spelcomputers?
Whether you want the laptop to look at the workshop or if you wish to have laptop support at home, repair Spelcomputers offers you a solution.
Whichever option you choose, with our Privacy Code, you always have the certainty that your data and files are treated confidentially.
Laptop screen replaced.
Because the LCD screen piece is often a laptop is written off. But because of a broken display, your notebook isn’t worthless yet.
Replacement of your faulty screen is possible. Buying new notebook is more expensive. We replace at attractive price and expertly your faulty screen of your laptop. If replacing your laptop screen fails, you don’t have to pay anything.
Laptop Backlight inverter replacement.
The LCD inverter controls the illumination of the LCD screen. This sensitive part may become defective.
This will tell you when the brightness of the LCD screen has disappeared or when the display goes black after a few minutes.
This is not a reason to write off the laptop. We placed a 100% identical inverter so that the screen can be used again.
Laptop Keyboard replacement.
Keyboard or keyboard of a laptop is more vulnerable than a normal computer. The keyboard does not function, it is spilled on the keyboard/keyboard, the keys remain stuck, some keys are faulty or not responding, no problem the integrated keyboard/keyboard is replaceable. We supply keyboards for almost all brands of laptops like Asus, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, HP, E. D. Screen replacement
Laptop DC Power Jack replacement.
The charging point (DC-Jack) can be disconnected by several reasons. Because of this it is no longer possible to charge your laptop repair spelcomputers repairs charging point (DC-Jack) from your laptop from. €29.95
Laptop hard drive replacement. or SSD
Hard drive is a vulnerable device. If you have a bad working or a faulty hard drive or you want a larger storage capacity, repair Spelcomputers can easily replace it for you. Repairs offered by you are examined beforehand by us. In the case of a faulty hard drive, the question is whether the data can still be saved. You will be notified
Laptop DVD/Blu-Ray replacement.
Your CD/DVD drive from your laptop is unusable or you want a faster CD/DVD drive or a BlueRay. In both cases, can insert a new disk drive. Laptop DVD/Blu-Rayreparatie.
Laptop memory expansion.
Why, internal memory upgrade?
By replacing the memory you can easily and cheaply increase the speed of your Laptop. The internal memory is used to temporarily store parts of programs. This is necessary because a hard drive is too slow. There are more and more programs on the laptop and programs are getting heavier too. This will make your laptop more slow. Repair Spelcomputers can supply a very extensive range of memory modules. and can advise you for the correct memory modules
Laptop Cooler replacement.
The maximum temperature of the CPU should not exceed 90 degrees. Laptop CPUs are generally warmer because they have poor little cooling. If your laptop’s cooling unit no longer functions properly, repair spelcomputers at very attractive price can replace your laptop’s CPU cooler.
Laptop Hdd Data Recovery.
The logical damage: corrupt files/partitions, deleted data, formatted disk, software errors.
Different types of laptop repair
Would you like to know more about the different types of laptop repair or do you experience a specific problem? The topics below may help you further!
* Laptop Screen Repair
* Laptop cleanup
* Laptop Internal Cleaning
* Virus from laptop removal
* Make Laptop faster
* Laptop does not start up
* Laptop freezes or falls off
Quality is paramount, you tablet, PC, laptop, smartphone will always
Be treated with great care so that nothing can go wrong during the repair.
In addition, the latest, most up-to-date, techniques and software will always be used in the repair.
For personal advice, you can always contact us! We are waiting for you and always kindly speak

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Smartphone, tablet and computer repair now let your laptop, smartphone or tablet repair at the trusted specialist! Does your screen go black, does a key no longer work or is the harddisk jammed? Then that is absolutely no reason to completely write down your device. Thanks to the fast, affordable and reliable repair service of, you can get back years ahead