Prices PC Laptop Repair

Installation and Repair rates

  • Windows Error Recovery €17.50
  • Installing new hardware on your computer from €15.00
  • Cleaning your computer if you only want to have it cleaned €10.00
  • Help with connecting and installing peripherals from 15.00
  • Software Installation help from 15.00
  • Remove viruses, trojans, spyware, scareware and ransomware from €15.00
  • Old->new PC Migration settings: €45,-
  • Fixed price (re) installation Windows PC: • Windows (RE) installation: €35,-
  • Basic check memory and hardware settings optimizing to make dust free €25
  • Extra Check up base plus reinstallation, replace thermal paste to make it dust free. €45
  • Laptop Dcjack replaced already from €39
  • Replacing USB porting from €45 euro
  • Ledscherm of laptop replacement incl new screen from €65 euro
  • TFT screens inform the price
  • Personal Data backup of a (still functioning) system disk we usually charge between €25,-and €36,-

Work evening and on weekends are for individuals at no extra cost. Our Rates:
Repair and installation at your home rate *

  • Start rate (1 hour) €17.50
  • Thereafter per quarter of €7.50,-
  • Emergency Service €30,-

Most simple problems have been corrected by us within half an hour.
Payments only in cash, pins are not possible with us
All our rates for individuals are incl. Vat. There is nothing to do with the prices mentioned!
After the investigation we will always contact you first before we continue. We will inform you of situation, time and costs
If you agree, we will get started and you can enjoy your PC again within a short time.

For individuals we apply the same hourly rate for repairs and installations on working days,
‘s ‑avonds and on weekends, so service when it suits you at no extra charge (see rates).
Because we work from home (so no expensive office, high staff costs, etc.) Our hourly rate is competitive.
We can also come to you, we are at your home and the remedy of the problem takes more than half an hour,
Then we can also take the computer to our workshop to fix the problem.
Your guarantee for a good and reliable service.
We work in the Zutphen area, you can see here whether your address is within our region or get directions.
For our data recovery service you can of course also send your hard disk, CD, DVD, USB stick or memory card,
We do not sell computer hardware (except by appointment), software or components.