Nintendo 2DSXL Repair

Nintendo 2DSXL Card slot 1/Game Card Repair
The lock is damaged by different running causes mostly because a game is wrong to be done in which the Nintendo no longer reads games
Repair Time 45min
Price: €49.95 incl. VAT (ask for a deterrent)

2DS ToucscreenNintendo 2DSXL touchscreen touch Screen Repair
The touchscreen also called touch screen scratched, broken or no longer responds to the correct position.
Price: €22.50 incl. vat

2DS PowerNintendo 2DS XL power connector Repair
This is the connection where the charger goes into the Nintendo.
Repair Time 45 min
Price: €29.95 incl. vat

New 3DS 3DS XL 2015 R trigger shoulder KnobNintendo 2DSXL L/R Trigger shoulder button repair
The L or R trigger/shoulder buttons do not react well anymore or do it at all anymore, wear or water damage
Price: €24.95 incl. vat

Nintendo 2DSXL Top LCD Repair
The top LCD is damaged, cracked or does nothing more
We can fix it for you 100% original, brand new.
Price: €82.95 incl. vat

New 3DS XL downNintendo 2DSXL Screen Repair
Nintendo 2ds Screen Repair, no picture, crack,.
Nintendo 2DSXL Price: €67.95 Inc Tax

(ask for the deterrent)

Nintendo 2DSXL bovenscherm Frame Repair
Complaint/Cause: The frame is badly scratched, broken.
Price: € * incl. VAT (only possible if replacement LCD)

Nintendo 2DS XL analog joystick/Circle pad Repair

New 3DSXL Price: €27.95 incl. vat

Original Hinge Part Bottom Middle housing Button Shell for NEW 2DS XL-Black 1.1Nintendo 2DSXL Hinge Point Repair
The hinge point is broken.
Repair time 60 min when shipped the same day
Price: €54.95 incl. vat

Repair Spelcomputers Repairs any Nintendo DS Dsi 3ds 3DSXL New3DS New3DSXL,
Whether it is a repair of a New3dsXL version, or a button replacing a Lite.
We guarantee that after the repair the Nintendo again 100% works perfectly.
Always 12 months warranty and we make use of new parts.
All prices are incl. 21% VAT, assembly costs and new parts.
Research is also completely free. We can therefore make a quotation for you without obligation.
We also buy faulty consoles.
If you have any questions about a repair, or if something is not listed below, please contact us via the contact page/telephone.

You can find all information about sending to us on our shipping page .

If you want more information or do you have something you would like to answer please contact us via our contact page

Is an officel company?
Yes, is registered with the Chamber of Commerce KvK 53831349 BTW NL221647533B01 has a showroom and a waiting room
No, we work from home and because of privacy this is not possible.

Does use original parts?
We at use only original parts for your console. If they are not in stock, we will use high quality parts that are comparable to the original.

What are the payment options?
Repair orders made by post or by pickup can be paid in cash or by manual transfer or by PIN.

What are the shipping costs?
We only ship with PostNL what you want and the value of the product.

How long does a repair I have sent or brought along?
This depends entirely on the type of repair and whether parts are needed. The average repair time is between 1 to 2 days. But small repairs are already carried out within a few hours. Sometimes it may take longer for parts of other suppliers to do so.

Can I come over when I get it?
You can only come by appointment, visit the appointment page to make an appointment. When making an appointment, we will of course make every effort to find out what suits you best, but you cannot be unannounced.

Can I wait and stay on a repair?
No, unfortunately this is not possible. We carry out repairs between all our other work, in this way we can keep the hourly wage very low, so the costs for you are not extremely high which is often the case with other repair centers.
An appointment can be arranged on your own occasion and the repair can be picked up again after the specified time. There is no waiting room available. It is not possible to watch

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All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed


All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed

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We have been known for years as a good service company in gaming consoles, pclaptop, tablets, ipad repair & maintenance.
Thanks to our broad knowledge and more than 9 years of experience in this profession. We are able to solve all your problems quickly and skilfully.
We supply 100% orginal Samsung parts for Samsung tablets or smartphone we can repair almost anything,
The competition also yields these same parts/products, do not let you make anything wise, why research costs? With us certainly not!.
Do you have a problem with your console,? Do not hesitate any longer and feel free to drop by and/or send your
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Repairs of a.o. ps3 Phat, ps3 Slim, ps3 Super Slim, PS4, PSP 1000, 2000, 3000, PSP Go, PSP Vita, Xbox,
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All of our game computer repair prices include VAT. All our repairs are carried out with original parts of the manufacturer.

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Our own technical service is therefore able to quickly and accurately identify the defect of uwLaptop, Pc, Tablet, Ipad, Samsung Tab and to repair. Partly due to our experience and fast trading, computer shops send their customers with problems to our
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