Nintendo 2DS Repair

Nintendo 2DS Card Slot 1 repair
The slot 1 is damaged mostly because there is a game wrong to be done in which the pins on the inside are bent and no more games see in the menu.
Complaint/Cause: The 2DS does not see the games in the menu.

Price: €29.95 incl. vat

2DS LCDNintendo 2DS LCD Screen Repair
The LCD screen of the Nintendo 2DS is a large screen which serves for the display of both screens. When the display is broken you will often see a tear with there around black spots.
Complaint/Cause: The LCD screen has a crack with black spots and different colors or streaks/olievlek.

Price: €49.95 incl. vat

2DS PowerNintendo 2DS Power Connector Repair
The power connector is the connector that the charger is in and because the center part is damaged or degraded, the 2DS will not charge the battery.
Complaint/Cause: The 2DS power connector is damaged, do not charge the battery.

Price: €19.95 incl. vat

Nintendo 2DS l r shoulder button switchNintendo 2DS L/R Trigger shoulder button repair
The L or R trigger/shoulder knobs do not react well anymore or do it at all that is usually caused by wear or water damage.
Complaint/Cause: The 2DS L or R shoulder knob is defective.

Price: €27.50 incl. vat

2DS ToucscreenNintendo 2DS Touchscreen Repair
The touchscreen also called touch screen is very scratched, broken or stops responding in the right place where calibrating the touchscreen does not help.
Complaint/Cause: The touchscreen is badly scratched, not responding or not in the right place.

Price: €26.95 incl. vat