Moisture damage

Water damage or moisture damage

We have one important tip for all devices that have become wet users. Turn it off immediately! And perhaps more importantly,
Do not turn the Apparatien on again to see if it still works. Send it directly or bring the device directly along.
Often the costs of the research are worth it. You can also check if you have suffered water damage.
What are the costs of water damage repair?

The costs are completely different. It depends on which parts no longer work and therefore need to be replaced.
Our advice is therefore to send your Product and to pay the risk of the research costs.
Maybe there’s nothing or little going on. Is your product (b. v Nintendo DSi or 3DS) almost unusable then you know it in any case and you don’t have to wonder what if?
Your device in the water cases?
If your device has been in contact with water or other liquids, turn it off immediately and no longer! If your device was already out, don’t turn it on.
Do not put the appliance in a hot oven to dry, even at a low temperature.
Also do not let the drying on the heating.
Do not dry with a hairdryer and do not stop in the microwave at all.
And again, we cannot say it often enough, do not turn on the apparatus.
The device in a plastic bag stop with dry rice or dry pasta (macaroni) This will extract the moisture from the phone
Send it to us as soon as possible or come and visit us with your equipment in Zutphen.
The quicker we receive your device with water damage, the more likely it is to be repaired.
What do we do with your equipment?

We will immediately disassemble them and treat them through our unique cleaning procedure.
The motherboard is cleaned by means of various special electronics cleaning machines (ultrasonic cleaning).
This removes any unfounded corrossie on the motherboard and the moisture that was still present will be expelled for 100%.
After the water damage cleaning procedure, the product/appliance is reassembled and the parts that are defective and need to be replaced are examined.
You will then receive a price quote for the repair, this is provided by telephone and/or by email. If the price quote is agree, we will replace the defective parts and put your device together.
Give it a final full check and can then be picked up or we will send you it. We always send registered, the shipping costs are €8.05
A water damage repair always costs at least €25.00 these are the costs for the cleaning treatment.
Should the quote be too high, or if the equipment is not repairable, the €25.00 cleaning fee will remain
The average turnaround time of water damage repairs is between 3 and 5 working days.
You can always come to us with your water damage equipment without an appointment between 17.00 and 18.00 or send it to;
Repair Spelcomputers
J v Oldenbarneveldstraat 13
7204ka Zutphen
Telephone NR (06) 18510339 (after 16.00)
KVK 53831349