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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Reparatiespelcomputers.nl an official business? company?
Yes, reparatiespelcomputers.nl is registered with the Chamber of Commerce KvK 53831349 BTW NL221647533B01 Knab Bank account NL32KNAB0255082169
Reparatiespelcomputers.nl has a showroom and a waiting room
No, we work from home and because of privacy this is not possible.
Can I pick up my order at Reparatiespelcomputers.nl?
Yes that is allowed. Pick-up is possible but only by appointment and at limited times/days.
Does Reparatiespelcomputers.nl use original parts?
We at Reparatiespelcomputers.nl use only original parts for your console. If they are not in stock, we will use high quality parts that are comparable to the original.
Some by Reparatiespelcomputers.nl sold products are also clone’s to get, reparatiespelcomputers.nl also sells Clone’s as original?
No, Reparatiespelcomputers. NL sells the original version of these products. If Reparatiespelcomputers.nl also sells the clone version, it says Duidenlijk mentions it, so it doesn’t matter then it is an original product.
Does Reparatiespelcomputers.nl also sell game backups?
No absolutely not, please don’t ask for it. Mails are not answered
What is the delivery time for your products?
More than 90% of our assortment is available in stock and will be delivered directly.
How do I know if a product is in stock?
Our webshop works with a realtime stock system, it will show whether something is in stock or not.
What is my tracktrace code of PostNL?
We will email you the track and trace code to you
If you have not received the order after 2 days you can send us an e-mail, we would ask you to wait at least this 48 hours.
What is a Pre-order?
A pre-order is a product that we have newly included in our assortment. The product has been ordered from the supplier and will be available within 1 to 2 weeks. We offer you as a customer with the pre-order the Mogenlijkheid to order the product and to be insured to have the product as one of the first in the house.
What are the payment options?
You can pay in the webshop via Ideal, Mister Cash, bank transfer and Paypal.
Repair orders made by post or by pickup can be paid in cash or by manual transfer or by PIN.
What are the shipping costs?
We only ship with PostNL.
Repair, Modification:
How long do you charge a repair that I have sent or brought along?
This depends entirely on the type of repair and whether parts are needed. The average repair time is between 1 to 2 days. But small repairs are already carried out within a few hours. Sometimes it may take longer for parts of other suppliers to do so.
Can I come over when I get it?
You can only come by appointment, visit the appointment page to make an appointment. When making an appointment, we will of course make every effort to find out what suits you best, but you cannot be unannounced.
Can I wait and stay on a repair?
No, unfortunately this is not allowed. We carry out repairs between all our other work, in this way we can keep the hourly wage very low, so the costs for you are not extremely high which is often the case with other repair centers.
An appointment can be arranged on your own occasion and the repair or modification can be picked up again after the specified time. There is no waiting room available. It is not possible to watch

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Screen piece?

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All products you buy from us are of course guaranteed

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Donec Tellus Mass, tristique sit amet condimentum vel, facilisis quis sapien.

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